Monday, December 9, 2013

Duck Dynasty - Meet the Robertson Family

Wholesome & downright Funny FINALLY comes to the Reality Show Realm.  No Drama - No screaming & yelling for 30 min...  just plain ole laughing till your stomach hurts.

Duck Dynasty” is somewhat based on the Duck Commander business, but very little duck-call making actually takes place in any episode. Instead the focus is probably to be some harebrained idea instigated by Willie’s older brother Jase & followed up by Crazy Uncle Si ("Crazy" in a Good way), or Phil’s obsession with getting rid of beavers on his property, or Kay’s love for family & good food. 

The cast of Characters (& I DO mean Characters)
Head of the Family:

Phil (Patriarch of the family, Phil, is a living legend in Louisiana and is better known by his alias; the Duck Commander)

Miss Kay (Kay is the revered matriarch of the family. What she says goes. She was 16 when she married Phil)

Uncle Si (Phil’s brother, best friend, and partner in crime)

Jase (Jase is Willie’s brother and his polar opposite.)

Willie (the CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander, a bestselling author, traveling speaker, father of five and an avid outdoorsman.... 3rd son of Phil & Kay)