Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Keep Weeds Out & Water in!

water blanketGrowing healthy plants during drought seasons is quite a task & can be expensive when that water bill comes in the mail!

Use up to 80% LESS water!
Try a Weed Free Garden Watering Blanket!

  Simple installation with 4 easy steps.

#1: Till your spot & fertilize 

#2: Layout the blanket & Stake down

#3: cut slits in fabric & plat seeds or starter plants
#4 Connect garden hose to Water blanket & irrigate


Annual savings in water: (this is conservative because my water bill is normally much higher without the water blanket!)

Lawn Sprinkler: $153
Hand Watering: $255
This the Weed Free Water blanket: $17!!!   

Fabric Life:  Most landscape fabrics are UV sensitive and degrade under direct sunlight.  This professional fabric will last up to 3 seasons exposed to direct sunlight or up to 15 years if covered in mulch!

Managing water wisely is fundamental to a sustainable economy & healthy environment.
Grow a SAFE - SMART - BEAUTIFUL GARDEN with a WEED FREE Watering Blanket.


  1. Sounds like a great time & money saving product!

  2. awesome information thanks for the tips..I will pass them on..